Bucharest – your next destination

Discover a cosmopolitan city, right in the heart of the Eastern Europe, full of lovely places and a great history, inviting all to taste good food and quality wines.

Travel to Europe

Loving Italy

Amazing tour of Rome, enjoying the Roman athmosphere and taking the time to discover great history and architecture.

Discover Florence – the cradle of Renaissance

If you are passionate about the history and the Renaissance architecture, the city of Florence is the right place for you for an unforgettable Italian experience.

Upcoming Posts for Tours and Destinations

From exotic places to ski resorts, the future posts will describe my personal experiences, having so many impressions to share with you.

Special Travel Deals 

Discover unique tours at a great price! Grab a last-minute offer and start packing for your memorable vacation.

Qatar Adventure

Deals at hotels with desert excursions included.

Discover Greece

Visit Santorini and learn about its architecture and history.

Explore Thailand

Indulge by the beach and relax with a massage.

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